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Drake x July x Find Your Love

I haven't really been blogging lately but I'm going to get back on it now. Here's a couple of my recently added new favs.

Drake x July

Drake & Consequence x Find Your Love


Wiz Khalifa DayToday Season 2 ep. 3

Listen to the song on the video. Can't wait for this mixtape "Kush & Orange Juice" to drop.

Songs- February 12, 2010

Freddie Gibbs ft Pill- Do Wrong  
Lil Wane ft Ludacris- Eat You Alive 
Ludacris ft Jazmine Sullivan- Hear My Cry  
Say It Ain't Tone- MUFUCKING

Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean

Twitter is the fucking best. You can get all the updates from your favorite artist/celebrity. I was on Wiz Khalifa's twitter and I saw that him and Big Sean been tweeting each other....OHHHHH BOYYYYYY! You know what that possibly means? A maw fawcking collab. I just can't wait...

Wiz Khalifa x This Plane



"Anything is possible. It is night on planet earth and I’m alive.
And someday I’ll be dead. Someday I’ll just be bones in a box,
but right now, I’, not. And anything is possible. And that’s why
I can go to New York with Sooze because each moment can just be
what it is. There’s no failure, there’s no mistake. I just, I
just go there and live there and what happens, happens. And so,
right now I’m getting naked and I’m not afraid. You know? I
don’t, I don’t need money, man. I don’t, I don’t even need, I
don’t even need a future. I, I could knock out all of my teeth
with a hammer. So what?! You know, I could poke my eyes out. I’d
still be alive, you know? At least I’d know that I was doing
something real for two or three seconds, you know? It’s all about
feat and I’m not afraid anymore, man. Fuck it! Fuck fear!"

...haven't seen the movie? Go watch it...

Mike Posner @ Dope Couture

Songs- February 11, 2010

Marques Huston ft Souljah Boy- Swag Sex 
New Breed ft Sean Kingston- Get Away
Yung Ram- No Make Up

Laws- 4:57 Listening Session

Laws: 4:57 Listening Session from @DecaturDan on Vimeo.

Curren$y x I'm Flashy Live

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